It was 5:30 in the morning and my six year old came into my room poking me. He was starving.

We celebrated Thanksgiving the day before with my mom and my partner’s mom and after a late night celebrating our first snow on the sledding hill, the boys were all exhausted. Theo was sleeping with his brother in my partner’s guest room.

Like a good soldier, I got up in search of something easy to satisfy him and get him back to sleep.

After a short, exhaustive search, I found a leftover bowl of cheese puffs on the table.

Theo had crawled back into bed and was waiting for his snack.

I went into the room and put one of the cheese puffs in his mouth. He closed his eyes with satisfaction and gave me a thumbs up.

We both went back to sleep.



Tera Wozniak Stortz

Tera’s a lesbian who came out after being married to a man for 12 years. She’s building a new life with her loving partner and three boys.